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Learn to ride with professionals

Riding School Team

The combination of professional training and the unique riding paradise of Gut Ising means there are countless opportunities in all types of equestrian sports - for beginners to competition riders.

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Sylvia Gugler

  • Master in equine management
  • Successful tournament rider up to advanced level
  • Sylvia Gugler was born in Bamberg and began riding as a child at her local riding facility, Gut Ising. At that time, she was still under the guidance of her father, Konstantin Magalow, who himself won many national cups.
  • In 1999 she completed her training in hotel management and worked in her parents' hotel for a further year.
  • From 2000–2002 Sylvia Gugler did a riding apprenticeship with Kurt Gravemeier. She then worked in sales and management at Hotel Gut Ising until 2005.
  • In 2006, she took the 'Pferdewirtschaft'(equine management) master's exam. In March 2006 she moved to be with Dietmar Gugler, whom she married in 2009 at the equestrian centre in Pfungstadt.
  • Sylvia Gugler has gained international success in show jumping for the USA. She has also made a name for herself in dressage.

Ulli Grunow

  • Following his studies, Ulli was an internationally successful show jumper with LK S1.
  • Training with Micky Brinkemann, Hermann Schridde, Hans-Günther Winkler and Kaiser Johannsmann.
  • Many years' experience training horses and riders up to international level.
  • Has managed various show jumping training programmes in Germany and Italy.

Franka Grunow

  • Franka is a qualified physiotherapist.
  • She is a successful dressage rider up to intermediate(M) level and, together with her husband Ulli, brings with her many years of experience from her own competition stables.

Marie Klug

  • After graduating from high school, she completed an apprenticeship to become a fully qualified groom, specialising in classical riding training.
  • She has a very big heart for animals and places great importance on handling our school horses in an appropriate way.

Julius Walleshausen

  • Julius grew up in Gödöllő/Hungary, where he went to university riding school.
  • He later studied agriculture in Kyiv and became the student state champion.
  • He then became a freelance riding instructor in Austria and completed a second master's degree in equine management in Gödöllő.
  • In the meantime, he has completed a Centered Riding Instructor course, as well as obtaining a riding instructor/trainer's B licence.

Melanie Farthofer - Riding School Office

  • Following a masters degree in health management and many years working in the health service, Melanie moved to Gugler Sport Horses in 2019.  She has been responsible for the riding school office since the summer.

Riding School Inquiries

We will be pleased to answer any questions regarding registration, organisation and individual programmes by telephone on +49 8667 7773 or by email: +49 8667 7773