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A warm "woof-come"!

Dogs at Gut Ising

On the expansive 170-hectare grounds, you're free to frolic, play with old and new friends, or simply let your soul come to rest - at Gut Ising, dogs are welcome!

Little Book of Rules

We're excited to welcome you and your human pack! But as in any good pack, we have a few rules to ensure everyone feels comfortable:

Your Wellness Stay

It's delightful to roll in ditches, run through forests and meadows! To round off the experience, simply visit our dog shower in the underground car park afterwards. Easy access, soothingly warm water, gentle herbal shampoo, and fluffy towels. So clean and fluffy, you can even show up for meals in the restaurants and the breakfast room again and swiftly win over the heart of the housekeeper.


Adventure with Responsibility

Your favorite human needs to keep an eye on you, especially when you're making a little mess. Please remind them to clean it up! We have bag dispensers everywhere.

Sports and Leisure

Your master and mistress play a lot of golf and you've never been allowed to join? At Gut Ising, you're welcome here too. You'll need to be on a leash, but being part of it is what matters!

Speaking of which, with or without a leash?

Inside the hotel, please always be on a leash, even in the restaurants – you'll feel most comfortable under the table and please don't hang around buffet, its for the humans!

In the forest, you're welcome to run freely awithout a leash, but only if your favorite human diligently cleans up after you.  Near the golf course, please always be on a leash. The golfers have no sense of humor if it comes to this.

Culinary Delights

There's always something happening at the dog bar. A great place for encounters, but also to boost yourself with a little snack.

Your Cozy Room

We've gone to great lengths to make your room super cozy. You have your own blanket and a bowl from us, and your humans will surely bring you a little bed, so you don't have to climb on the furniture.

Separation Anxiety and The Fine Print

Sometimes your humans will leave you in the room. Don't take it personally; they need some "alone time" too.

Keep your cool!
Please try not to scratch or chew on doors or furniture, as your favorite humans will have to pay for any damages. This is where liability insurance comes in handy, covering the replacement value, since we will have to charge for the cost of repairing the door or furniture piece.

We're looking forward to seeing you!
With paw-tastic regards, Your Team at Hotel Gut Ising

Your Most Beautiful Pictures

There's so much exciting to experience at Gut Ising. Your most beautiful memory photo for our gallery - we look forward to receiving submissions via email at .